got an error 'multichaind has stopped....'

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I have done the following setup:

1. on machine 1 - Created multichain named chain2 on one node and started it using the command - multichaind chain2 -daemon

2. on machine 2 - another node, (a separate machine), extracted the installables from the zip file and executed the command: multichaind -daemon  

after this command - the display showed that "Blockchain successfully initialized" and "Please ask blockchain admin or user having activate permission to let you connect and/or transact:..."

3. on machine 1, multichain-cli chain2 grant 1QuiBynzeJEVCHdFXqW3uWFw54C6Yd4UGHA3tL connect. after this command was executed, it gave a display of 676e031ca1f56c2cae8ef2b17cc013ca7dacddb4512826eba87a99a396fe8665 (which I suppose is the transaction id...)

4. now on machine 2 when I execute a command multichaind chain2 -daemon or multichaind -daemon, the display shows that "MultiChain 1.0.5 Daemon (latest protocol 10011) Retrieving blockchain parameters from the seed node ..." but then the multichaind application abruptly stops giving a pop-up message.

Have I missed any step in the above, setup. Please advice.



asked Jul 4, 2018 by Multichain Admirer

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Can you please explain what you mean by "abruptly stops giving a pop-up message"? What is in this pop-up message? And are you on Linux or Windows?
answered Jul 5, 2018 by MultiChain