Inputs already spent / Generated Block is Stale

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We are currently running multichain 1.0.4 in production and seeing the following errors happening quite frequently:  

2018-07-02 06:06:11 ERROR: MultiChainMiner : generated block is stale

2018-07-02 07:28:23 ERROR: AcceptToMemoryPool : inputs already spent

We are running 5 nodes, and 3 of these nodes are mining.  The mining diversity is 0.6.  Could you confirm that the configuration that we are using is correct? And if so explain why we are seeing the above errors?


asked Jul 2, 2018 by Emer McVeigh

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This is not an error per se – it just happens when two nodes generate a block close to each other, and the network will recover fine from this situation.

But if you prefer to minimize these events, take a look at the miningturnover runtime parameter. If you set this to 0.0, well behaved miners will step out of the ring for as long as they are not needed.

answered Jul 2, 2018 by MultiChain