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We are planning to develop a proprietary commercial software that communicates directly with MultiChain APIs and using MultiChain "as-is" without modification to its source code. Is it necessary to purchase a commercial license to continue using MultiChain? Thanks.
asked Jul 2, 2018 by Kit

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It depends on the mode of distribution and whether you need production level support.

A brief summary is given here:

If you would like more information and to discuss your specific case, please contact us:
answered Jul 2, 2018 by MultiChain
The mode of distribution will be on-site installation. As for production level support, it will not be required for now.

I've gone through the pricing summary and still not certain if commercial license is required given I do not really understand GPL3.
If the customer is installing MultiChain themselves by downloading it from our website, or you are installing it for them by downloading from our website, then you are not redistributing MultiChain and do not need a commercial license.
Thanks for your reply. One more clarification, if we interface to MultiChain via its RPC API as-is without making modifications to the MultiChain source do we need commercial license?
That's not the key issue - the key issue is distribution – please see the previous comment.