the errors about issuefrom and createrawsendfrom

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In windows7, I creat a MulitChain and start it with the command:

multichain-util create chain2

multichaind chain2 -daemon

and I list the adresses with multichain-cli chain2 listaddresses

the adresses 12SCqL8z7871N6GyxVf2rsbZPAhzcpVG9uHMPK is the return.

then I want to issue a asset with issuefrom or createrawsendfrom, but both of them are not work.

the commands and errors are as following:

when I runing:

multichain-cli chain2 issuefrom 12SCqL8z7871N6GyxVf2rsbZPAhzcpVG9uHMPK 12SCqL8z7871N6GyxVf2rsbZPAhzcpVG9uHMPK '{"name":"GBP","open":true}' 50000 0.01 0 '{"origin":"uk","stage":"01","purpose":"parts prepayment"}'

the error:

error: Error parsing JSON:'{origin:uk,stage:01,purpose:parts prepayment}

when I runing:

multichain-cli chain2 createrawsendfrom 12SCqL8z7871N6GyxVf2rsbZPAhzcpVG9uHMPK '{"12SCqL8z7871N6GyxVf2rsbZPAhzcpVG9uHMPK":{"issue":{"raw":100}}}' '[{"create":"asset","name":"test2","multiple":1,"open":true,"details":{"a":"1","b":"2","c":"3"}}]' send

the error:

error: Error parsing JSON:'{12SCqL8z7871N6GyxVf2rsbZPAhzcpVG9uHMPK:{issue:{raw:1

the command form of issuefrom and createrawsendfrom can be found in the follwing URL, but both of them are not work,

I wonder if I missed some steps, or my command forms are wrong.

Thanks for your early reply.
asked Jul 2, 2018 by tongguowei

1 Answer

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These tutorials are written from a Linux perspective. They will also work on Windows, but you need to use a different format for escaping parameters on the command line. In short:

Change " to \"

Then change ' to "

This is also explained in the Windows README.txt file.

answered Jul 2, 2018 by MultiChain
There is no " to \" in my command, would you please offer the whole command?
I will try to explain again. When converting a Linux command to a Windows one, find every " character and change it to \" then find every ' character and change it to "

For example in your case:


should become:

Yes, I get it. It is appreciated for answering my question in your busy time.