Setup a multichain to contain arbitrary data

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I'm starting a research project looking at storing small amounts i.e. up to 100k of arbitrary data (encrypted private data) within a blockchain and think multichain could be a good API choice.  I guess follwing in the spirit of Namecoin but with arbitrary binary data blobs not DNS records. But I don't see how this could be achieved in the multichain blocks at least from the simple examples posted on the site.  

a) Is this actually possible with multichain?

b) If so is there an example anywhere or can someone point me in the right direction?


asked Feb 25, 2016 by jcollomosse

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Yes, you can use the sendwithmetadata API to add any metadata to a transaction, which can also send 0 units of value. Make sure you set the blockchain parameters max-std-tx-size=2000000 and max-std-op-return-size=1000000.

answered Feb 25, 2016 by MultiChain