Issue and getaddressbalances

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I tried to issue an asset by using issue command using mcrpc:

client.issue('48j2dRc9VFHBq2cmEHW79wHJhw9gU9E12qL5Us', 'dollar', 50000, 1)

but when I run client.getaddressbalances('48j2dRc9VFHBq2cmEHW79wHJhw9gU9E12qL5Us') I got empty list
[] while this address appear in client.listaddresses() . So what is wrong here?
asked Jun 30, 2018 by mina

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First, do you know that the issuance transaction was successful? Did it return a transaction ID and can you see the asset in listassets?

Second, did you import this address after the issuance was performed, or before? If after, did you pass true for the rescan parameter?

Finally, you may have to wait for the transaction to be confirmed, unless you pass 0 for the minconf parameter of getaddressbalances.

If none of these suggestions help, please try performing these operations in the command line (multichain-cli) so we can rule out issues with the library. If they still don't work as expected please post a full transcript of each operation performed so we can see exactly what you're doing.


answered Jul 2, 2018 by MultiChain
selected Jul 2, 2018 by mina
I tried to import the same address with rescan to true option and then I can see asset assigned to the address.My question here should I use importaddress with rescan true( many times not just one )after every issue triggering ?.
Once an address has been imported with rescan=true you don't need to do that again to pick up new transactions (including issuances) which affect that address.