completerawexchange: when is optional stream-data published? [closed]

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Two questions on completerawexchange/appendrawexchange:

  1. Is it possible to pass data (to a stream) in appendrawexchange, too?
  2. When exactly is the data published in the stream? (on appendrawexchange, completerawexchange, sendrawtransaction,...?) 
Thanks for your answers!


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asked Jun 21, 2018 by zolar
closed Jun 21, 2018 by zolar

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You cannot pass data to a stream in appendrawexchange, because of various intricacies of the partial signatures used in atomic exchanges. You can only pass data to a stream in the last step of the exchange, which is why it's only available in completerawexchange.

The data is actually published to the stream in sendrawtransaction. In fact, before this is called, nothing has happened on the blockchain at all – you've just been building the exchange transaction off-chain.

answered Jun 21, 2018 by MultiChain
selected Jun 21, 2018 by zolar
Thank you for the explanation :)