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I have a desktop client (win64 software) which works with bitcoind via JSON API. Unfortunately it is not opensource. I want to make it work with a single asset on top of multichain blockchain. So I think I need a sort of "middleware" to convert some API calls on the fly. Is there such a thing already made or should I code it myself ?
asked May 28, 2018 by Alexander

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I'm afraid we are not familiar with such a tool.

But most of the bitcoin APIs are supported by MultiChain. So if you are planning to work with single asset, you can define it as native currency and continue using bitcoin APIs.
answered May 28, 2018 by Michael
Unfortunately, native currency is not an option,as it is not reissueable.
I'm afraid, in this case you indeed need some sort of converter.
How much will it cost to develop such a converter ? (Any language, single asset)
I'm afraid this isn't a service we provide, but you may want to reach out to one of our platform partners, local to you, to see what they would charge for it: