Give permission for fields

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Hello Friends,

Suppose, my chain is shared with 5 nodes And first 4 nodes have some fields where the they can insert or view and the 5th node is others where the user with others have only have ability to view the field.

My Question is

1. Can we give permission for fields? Using stream or assets?

2. Can we host my UI in public network and connect?
asked May 28, 2018 by piyush.sahay

1 Answer

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1. You can use streams for this. You should create a stream with open=false. Then, stream creator can grant "write" permission to 4 nodes. The 5th node will be able to view stream contents, but not publish. See "Streams" section in for example.

2. Yes. Write permission is granted to MultiChain address. It doesn't matter where the node is hosted.
answered May 28, 2018 by Michael