if mining run into dead cycle?

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if there are 10 node having mine permissions, the mining-diversity=0.3,

that means miner A worked once ,it must wait another 3 blocks and work again.

if after A mined once , other 8 nodes died, A will wait forever.

How to solve the fatal problem´╝č
asked May 4, 2018 by allainzhang2018
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Assuming the mining nodes run in different places, it's hard to imagine a circumstances where 8 mining nodes die all together, and nobody notices first that 7 or 6 or 5 died, and tried to recover the situation.

In any event there's no straightforward solution here - the point of mining-diversity is to allow you to set the threshold for how many alive miners are required to keep the chain going, to balance the risk of malicious miners against the risk of technical failures. You can set it the diversity to 0 if you like, then you only ever need one miner up and running to keep things going, but one bad miner will also be able to take over control of the chain.

answered Nov 29, 2018 by MultiChain