Issue with the streams of Multichain

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Hi Multichain,

i am creating a stream with some data such as ;


"name ":"abc,

"age" :"24"

,"flag 1" :"A1",

"flag 2 ":"B2"


This is actually JSON format for Creating a stream with these values.

Now i am issuing , suscribing and publishing the same stream on a node .

Now if we change flag 1 to "A2" and flag 2 "B2" then a new stream gets created , issued , subscribed and published on the same node but when i use llistStreams command of multichain , it fetches both the streams rather i want that particular stream to be updated and fetched on calling listStreams function.

is there any way , by which we can update the existing parameters of the stream without creating a new stream with the updated parameters on the same node .

can you please suggest on this issue ?

Thanks in Advance
asked Apr 23, 2018 by ss_developer

1 Answer

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You should not be creating a new stream for each of these items. Instead, create a single stream, and then publish these items into the stream (to support publishing JSON items you should use MultiChain 2.0 alpha). You can then retrieve the latest item from the stream using liststreamitems with count=1.

answered Apr 24, 2018 by MultiChain