Any chance you will be providing a MacOS Binary in the near future?

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My developers tell me that attempting to compile open source on MacOS has proven difficult for them in the past and recommend that someone of my experience not attempt to do so.  Therefore, my project of evaluating your platform for our intented application has come to a stand still, as I only have MacOS on my system currently.  Installing vmware and linux and becoming familiar with them would be a major project for me.  Can you help?
asked Apr 19, 2018 by David Kennedy

1 Answer

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Unfortunately we have not yet found a way to create a MacOS binary that works on a wide range of OS X versions, due to various library compatibility issues. That's what we recommend OS X users compile it for themselves for now. Sorry if that creates an inconvenience in your case.

If your goal for now is evaluation, can I recommend using MultiChain on a Linux cloud instance? Something suitable from vendors like Digital Ocean can be had for $5/month.
answered Apr 19, 2018 by MultiChain
I Understand.  Thank you for the suggestion.