Move address from one node to another

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I know it is not possible to 'remove' an address to retain referential integrity.   and not advisable to have multiple nodes know the private keys of an address....

so... how could we 'move' an address from one node to another:

Could we:
a: Export private and public keys for an address on node1
b: Import private and public keys for an address on node2
c: Remove the private key for an address on node1 (thus making the address 'watch only' on node1)
asked Apr 13, 2018 by Robert

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The first two steps are easy using the dumpprivkey and importprivkey commands.

However unfortunately there isn't currently a standard way to remove a private key from a wallet. MultiChain uses Bitcoin Core's wallet.dat format so you could try searching for some tools that can work with that.

answered Apr 15, 2018 by MultiChain
Correct me if I am wrong: you may think to not store the private keys in the nodes (giving them to users, storing them into cold nodes or externally) then import the address in another node, managining the node where the user will "work" (is active) at application level (external authentication, storing the user address and its active node in a classic database) and using raw transactions instead of high-level APIs to create, sign and send transactions to the blockchain.
Should this work?
Yes, there is an extensive tutorial on doing things this way: