How to implement a use case like this ?

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I do have a use case where there are 3 nodes (or) 3 companies in a stream that create, update, add records.

There are 3 problems where we are struck:

1.)How to bulk upload 1000+ records into the stream using batch jobs?

2.)In the link below I have drawn a sample transaction flow as 3 steps. Now the requirement is after Node 1(or) Company 1 add's records and if Node 2 (or) Company 2 (or) Participant 2 tries to update it - I need to perform checks like "Price change is not greater than $15 and send the request for approval to node1 (or) company1 participants"
How to achieve this?


3.)Another problem is how to rollback state/values to previous values?
EX- We updates price to 10 then 20 and then 30. But after a day (or) two we sometimes roll back the price to 10


asked Mar 30, 2018 by sharedmocha

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1) This is just appropriate application code, that calls the publish command in a loop.

2) For now you would have to handle this sort of summarization at the application level, looking at the events in the stream and applying your rules.

3) There's no problem posting new information in the stream to represent the rollback, it can just be considered like another new value.

answered Apr 29, 2018 by MultiChain