Wallet Address are not reflecting in other nodes

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I have developed an application, each getnewaddress will be considered as one user.  Based on this address there are few asset transactions. 

There are two other nodes are connected with this main node. In these nodes, when I tried to get the transaction details about those addresses (generated by the command getnewaddress  ) are not reflecting.

Can you please that if I missed anything.


Used the following command,

listaddresstransactions "1HnTBwmETPPGjMC7Z7QSSMPspE5wkREkTL2ghW" 

The address is generated from parent node



asked Mar 21, 2018 by shivap17
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You need to use the importaddress command to start tracking these addresses from the other nodes.

answered Mar 21, 2018 by MultiChain
This won't happen dynamically? Then my application is not a block chain application right? Is there any possible that to make this process dynamically? through code also am fine. Suggestions please
There isn't currently a mechanism in MultiChain to automatically import every new address that is used in a transaction. If you want this kind of global visibility into blockchain transactions, you should consider forking a block explorer such as the MultiChain Explorer, which builds a global picture of blockchain activity in an external database: https://github.com/MultiChain/multichain-explorer