Multichain RPC options

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I wanted to know if whats exactly the meaning of the rpc server options, "rpckeepalive" and "rpcthreads"

Are they interdependent in any way? (ie. is rpcthreads applied if rpckeepalive=0 and so on)

Another question is, is there an upper limit on rpcthreads in multichain? or is it dependent on my system hardware?

asked Mar 12, 2018 by Agent47

1 Answer

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The rpcthreads parameter is the number of independent API requests that can be processed in parallel. In reality however there are many locks inside the product that means you won't see much performance benefit with a value above 2.

The rpckeepalive setting means that MultiChain waits for the client to close connections to the API, rather than closing them itself. It is an independent setting but can in practice reduce the effective number of rpcthreads, if clients don't close their connections properly.

answered Mar 12, 2018 by MultiChain