Mutichain Explorer-MerkleRootMismatch error

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This command after a through installation and execution of nodes resulted in MerkelRootMismatch error.

"python -m Mce.abe --config chain1.conf --commit-bytes 100000 --no-serve"

genesis transaction unavailable via RPC; see import-tx in abe.conf
RPC service lacks full txindex
catch_up_rpc: abort
Opened /home/pavan/.multichain/chain1/blocks/blk00000.dat
Exception at 16497
Failed to catch up {'blkfile_offset': 16408, 'blkfile_number': 100000, 'chain_id': 1, 'loader': u'default', 'conf': None, 'dirname': u'/home/pavan/.multichain/chain1', 'id': 7}
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "Mce/", line 2903, in catch_up
  File "Mce/", line 3215, in catch_up_dir
    store.import_blkdat(dircfg, ds, blkfile['name'])
  File "Mce/", line 3347, in import_blkdat
    store.import_block(b, chain = chain)
  File "Mce/", line 1219, in import_block
    raise MerkleRootMismatch(b['hash'], tx_hash_array)
MerkleRootMismatch: Block header Merkle root does not match its transactions. block hash=632a7b2a36a1370fbbc080a5f646c3a38b478b85425d98bcb6ed6f4c0d7e0323
asked Mar 9, 2018 by Pavan123

1 Answer

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This is surprising, and should of course not happen. If you're willing please stop your node and email your blockchain directory (in a .zip) to multichain dot debug at gmail dot com, and we'll take a look.
answered Mar 9, 2018 by MultiChain
Sorry I deleted and re-created.
Its working now.
Thank you.