Sample Wallet - addresses not exists

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I am testing the sample_wallet in java of multichain, and the console tells me that it connects to the network, up to here everything is correct, but when trying to make a transfer from the multichain console it indicates that the address does not exist.
I do not know what I can do.

Thanks you.
asked Mar 3, 2018 by javi

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Most likely you have not configured your MultiChain network to use bitcoin-compatible addressing. See the instructions on this page on how to do it:

In any event you should note that the open source code we provide for building a MultiChain-compatible wallet is just the start, and will not be ready for production except under very specific circumstances.
answered Mar 5, 2018 by MultiChain
Hello again,
Sorry to insist,
But the program that I try to make work is the sample_BitcoinWallet together with sample_BitcoinCore of multichain, I'm using netbeans to see the source code and compile it. I have tried to configure all the data, but even so, if I try to send assets to a program address, it indicates that it is not a valid address.
The configuration of my multichain network is as follows:

please help me.
thanks you.
In your blockchain parameters, you are not set up for bitcoin compatible addressing. Please follow the suggestion in the answer above.
thanks, something was wrong and I was going crazy, I have already solved it as you said.