Is MultiChain still being developed and supported?

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Hi team,

Been a long-time user and proponent since late 2014. Was looking to use MultiChain for a private consortium use-case I have in mind, and it looks like the last release and Twitter post was over a year ago (May 2023) and the last blog post was November 2021; prior to these dates both releases and blog posts were fairly regular, so I'm wondering if the project is still alive.


asked Jun 14 by davidka1

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Yes, MultiChain is still being supported, in terms of bug fixes and the like. In terms of active development, it's in the middle of a major project related to scalability for very long running chains, so don't expect a lot of new features in the short term. And please contact us if you need any kind of formal support contract.
answered Jun 14 by MultiChain
Thank you! So I guess 2.x.y remains the main version and I can go ahead and start building on that?
Yes, that's right.