how validation and confirmation done of asset transactions in multichain ?

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Hi Multichain Team,

      In multichain how validation and confirmation done of transactions for assets please specify ?
asked Feb 22, 2018 by sufyan ahmad

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It works in the same way as any other transaction – I'm not sure exactly what you're asking?
answered Feb 22, 2018 by MultiChain
As it is permissioned-blockchain n/w,
1. How does the peer outside the blockchain get the address? and
2. Who will validate the the address of that peer?
3. Should all peers run a full node to validate the transaction?
4. Should all end user run a node at all or can it be done like Mist/Metamask for ethereum?
Every full node validates every transaction, including that the address has the appropriate permissions. But MultiChain does also support lightweight clients (using the same protocol as SPV in bitcoin) which don't validate everything but hold keys and can transact over the chain.