How is it possible to set the bindingIP for the RPC

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We are running the multichain on a Server which hast 3 Adapters configured.

- BackupLAN
- ServerLAN (which is to use for all connections)

So we startet the multichain with --bind= which sets the Listening IP for the normal Multichain to listen on every IPv4 port. => Works fine

If we are trying to set the --rpcallowip=x.x.x.x, than the multichain is listening in IPv6 for every rpc-connect.

How is it possible to set the bindingip address for the RPC to a IPv4 IP?

Thanks in advance for your Help.

asked Feb 14, 2018 by Thomas

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See the rpcbind runtime parameter. This is not described on our website but can be seen if you run multichaind with no parameters.

answered Feb 14, 2018 by MultiChain
as I understood it needed to add to the command like 'multichaind chain1 -daemon -rpcbind=' or add to the .multichain/chain1/multichain.conf ???

HOW can I set multichain to listen rpc querys on not only

Do I have to add permissions to allow read json-rpc to other hosts? and where I can configure it?

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You need to use the rpcallowip setting to allow incoming API requests from other computers. If you search this Q&A forum for rpcallowip you'll find lots of information on this.
I have used rpcallowip setting but the connection in not permitted:

ForbiddenConnection closed by foreign host.

So i can send the request but can't get the answer.

Is there some additional settings for rpc server?

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and seems it works only with ipv6:

node ip =
rpc port = 2684

user@localhost:~$ telnet 2684
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

user@multichain:~$ sudo netstat -tupn

tcp6       0      0 :2684     ESTABLISHED 1177/multichaind

Let's come back to the root question. How enable ipv4?

Sergio is an IPv4 address, not IPv6?