Round Robin Weaknesses

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I have a Blockchain set up with 3 nodes. Everyone has mining permissions.

As I understand it right, the round robin selects one of the three nodes with permission to validate a new block.

So the selected node has full power of defining what is valid and what is not, right?

What if the selected node tries to fraud the system? The other nodes won't check in addition for validation, right?
asked Feb 14, 2018 by Leo

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No, miners don't have the power to determine whether a transaction is valid. They only get to decide which transactions are included in the block they create. If a block contains any invalid transactions, then no other node will accept it, even if it came from a permissioned miner.
answered Feb 14, 2018 by MultiChain
What happen if a valid transaction is not included in the block by the malicious miner?
And what happen if multiple malicious miners consecutively not implement it?
If a majority (as defined by the mining-diversity blockchain parameter) of miners decide not to include a particular transaction in the blocks they create, and not to accept blocks containing that transaction, then they can prevent that transaction from ever being confirmed. They would need to collude together to achieve this.
"No, miners don't have the power to determine whether a transaction is valid"

so.. how multichain determine whether a transaction is valid?
Every node checks every transaction, so if a miner creates a block with an invalid transaction, no other node will accept it.