List streams from different addresses

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I'm working on a app where there is a root user that will distribute addresses to each new user. But as the root user is there a way to get a list of streams for each individual user by sending a specific address?

I am using Java API as well
asked Feb 11, 2018 by doldy101
I'm afraid we didn't understand the question. What do you mean by "a list of streams for each individual user"?
So you have a root user that is the admin. A new user signs up and they get an address from the admin user. A default stream is generated for the new user by the admin user using the createfrom call.
Basically any call to the blockchain is done through the admin user. But if a regular user has multiple streams, and I want to get those streams from the blockchain, and only those streams for the user address, how could I go about this? Is there a call that the admin could use to query the blockchain and get a list of streams that the regular user created?

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I'm afraid there isn't currently a way in MultiChain to query the streams according to who created them. You would have to look at the issuetxid of each stream in the output of liststreams, and then look at the input spent by that transaction ID, to determine which address was used to sign the transaction that created it.

answered Feb 13, 2018 by MultiChain