Round Robin mining turns

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Is it possible with available paramters in multichain to create a blockchain with permissioned nodes to mine in a 100% round robin style and if one node is offline (or not respond in the avg mining time per block) it would skip that node and continue with the next node? What would be the configuration to accomplish this, if possible?
asked Feb 8, 2018 by Fred

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If you define your round robin as "100%" (by which I assume you mean every node with mine permissions has to participate in the cycle), by setting the mining-diversity to 1.0, then by definition it's not possible for any node to be skipped in the rotation. Relying on block timestamps as a way to determine if it's permitted for a node in the rotation to be skipped is an interesting idea, but would have to be considered carefully from a security perspective.

answered Feb 9, 2018 by MultiChain
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