Ability to partition & keep some data in just one node?

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In financial services, it is often important to gather, store and forward some KYC data. At the same time, there are regulations that prohibit sharing Personally Identifiable Information when not approved and never moving/storing that data outside of certain jurisdictions (eg. cannot leave the country or the region).

As such, full replication of datasets across all nodes (which span countries/regions) may be a violation of law.

Any plans to address this on the Roadmap?
asked Jan 29, 2018 by EB

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Yes, we are doing a lot of work in this area on the roadmap, in terms of maintaining only data hashes on the chain, and storing the information off-chain. For now your solution is to reproduce the same kind of process at the application level, using the chain only for hashes which timestamp and notarize the information, and finding a method of delivering the content off-chain.
answered Jan 30, 2018 by MultiChain