Is there a formula to convert the value obtained from getdifficulty into a leading number of zeros?

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Do you have a good link that I can use to learn how to convert :



to a leading number of zeros?
asked Nov 23, 2023 by lbunproject

2 Answers

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There's lots of information about this available through a Google search. Or you can just some trial and error, i.e. a binary search on the value of pow-minimum-bits.

answered Nov 23, 2023 by MultiChain
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Yes, the getdifficulty value in the context of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, represents the current difficulty target for mining a block. This value is a floating-point number. To convert it into a corresponding number of leading zeros, you can use the following formula:

Leading Zeros=⌈log⁡2(getdifficulty)⌉Leading Zeros=⌈log2(getdifficulty)⌉

This formula calculates the logarithm base 2 of the getdifficulty value and rounds up to the nearest integer using the ceiling function (⌈�⌉⌈x). The result represents the number of leading zeros required for the proof-of-work target.

answered Nov 27, 2023 by blocksbank