Generate transactions as users

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Hi MC team, thanks for previous questions you have answered.

I have gradually progressed in my BC setup, created asset, and I am now running the web explorer. But I seem to be missing a connection in my understanding. I have tried to read Q and A previously posted but I haven'r seen the one that points me to the right path.

I want to simulate a situation where at leat 3 different users create acoounts (wallets), their wallets get funded with the asset I have created and then. they transct between themselves by sending the currency to themselves.

Please is this possible? how do I do that?

Thank you
asked Oct 6, 2023 by uche

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First, each node will already have one address, created when the node was started. You can see it using listaddresses. You can also add another address to a node using the getnewaddress command.

Second, you can send an asset between addresses using various different commands, but it sounds like sendassetfrom will be the most convenient.

All of this can be done using the MultiChain command line (multichain-cli).

answered Oct 8, 2023 by MultiChain
Hello MC Team, thanks so much for your assistance. I stumbled into a question that was the exact question I was asking. Pleses see the link below. My question now is ... because this response was since 2018, is the recommendation given in the response still valid? Is there an update to this?

Thanks so much