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I have a scenario, In my machine running a chain called MYCHAIN, and there are 10 peers are connected. 

1)   What if I have changed the network provide, my IP address will change obviously. So all my peers can connect with the chain MYCHAIN

2) The same thing happen to any of the peers i.e switched to some other network, here when try to connect with the chain, will get an error saying MYCHAIN is already exists. 


I hope in the both scenario the connection with chain will get disconnect. Is there any option to overcome? Or On behalf of the node the admin can do transactions?

Please let me know if any.





asked Jan 8, 2018 by shivap17

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I am afraid that you must have static/fixed IP addresses for the nodes.

And, second part of your question, there is no admin or master node in multichain, every node is equal.. so, there is no question of one doing others activity on behalf..
answered Jan 8, 2018 by saravana
Hi Saravana,

  I think there is a role call 'admin'. Without the permission no node can connect with the chain.

  Is there a possible to create a web application that deals the transactions on Multichain, I have seen the multichain web demo, the dark part is how to identify the users to do the transaction?

Making sense?

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It is OK if some of the node IP addresses change over time. The node whose IP address changed will attempt to reconnect to the other nodes whose IP address did not change, and automatically broadcast its new IP address to the network by doing so. The problem comes only if lots of nodes change all their IP addresses at the same time, so there is no way for nodes to auto-discover each other again through the peer-to-peer network.
answered Jan 8, 2018 by MultiChain