liststreamkeys does not contain data-hex

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I have 6 keys in a stream right now. When I call liststreamkeys * true 9999 I get all the first and last items of those keys, but the very first one returns the following data:
 "data" : {
                "txid" : "d6c7d5a082cb97a6c81ac891ccd9ae53b0a6cc2414cf2d1194d329cf0e4e0d5d",
                "vout" : 0,
                "size" : 19256

This breaks my code, since all the other keys have the hexadecimal code in data. Any idea what is going on?
asked Dec 30, 2017 by Rachelle

1 Answer

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This is about the size of the stream item being larger than the maxshowndata runtime parameter. You can either increase that parameter (including via setruntimeparam), or else use gettxoutdata to retrieve the data in full. More information about this is in the API documentation for the liststreamitems command:

answered Dec 30, 2017 by MultiChain
thanks, this is exactly what I needed :)