multichaind chain1 -daemon but cannot connect successfully

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Hello sir,

  I find that when I use "multichaind chain1 -daemon" command , sometimes the node cannot connect successfully, the message on the screen is :

 MultiChain core daemon build 1.0 beta 2 protocol 10008

 MultiChain server starting

 Chain chain1 already exists, adding to list of peers

 Other nodes can connect to this using:

 Multichaind chain1@


 After showing this, I find the node is not connected, and I wait for a long time, it is not connected also.

 What could I do now? I want the second node connect to the first node(chain1)

 Thanks a lot

asked Dec 25, 2017 by Leon Wang

1 Answer

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Please run getinfo on the other node to see its nodeaddress. You can also use the addnode command to explicitly create a new peer-to-peer connection if it is not auto-discovered.

answered Dec 26, 2017 by MultiChain