Watch-only address limit.

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Hi team,

Do you guys already have a benchmark done on how much performance can deteriorate with increasing number of watch-only address? Also how much memory one watch-only address or an UTXO would utilize.  

Also is it feasible to keep 100k watch-only addresses in a node? or we need to apply some logic like sharding to distribute the addresses if there a a case of needed 100k or even more addresses. If this has to be done to rebalance nodes, is un-watching a address feasible ?



asked Nov 29, 2017 by ashish235

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We don't yet have benchmarks for this, but we'd love you to post some if you can measure them.

In general memory usage scales linearly with the number of UTXOs belonging to tracked address. You'll find that APIs slow down with a large number of addresses in the wallet, especially getmultibalances and listunspent (these last two will be further optimized in future).

answered Nov 29, 2017 by MultiChain
Sure, I will try to do the benchmarks and share the result.