How to implement "Smart Contracts" in multichain?

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Please guide me, as to how to create "Smart Contracts" in multichain (with or without Ethereum)?



Anuj Mehra
asked Jan 25, 2016 by anuj

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What a well timed question... (

Right now MultiChain does not have a built-in smart contracts layer. But a "smart contract" is just a piece of code that runs on a blockchain, so can you tell us anything more about what you would like your smart contract to actually do?
answered Jan 25, 2016 by MultiChain
So if I understand correctly - the logic operations of the transactions happens off the blockchain, for example on a validation server, and the final result of the validation initiates an action on the blockchain; this can be transferring representation of an asset, or equally just appending new state information. Did I understand that correctly?

No, all logic is processed on the blockchain, i.e. calculated by every node. Otherwise someone could post a false outcome.
I have kept my business login outside the blockchain. I am currently using blockchain as persistence layer.
Hi Anuj, that's pretty much what I'm thinking, thanks. As for the blockchain, it can be used for acceptance validation of logic before recording for persistence, no?

Can you give an example?