Is Stream concept unique in Multichain?

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We found the feature of stream is quite useful from Multichain. But we have a worry about the interoperability across different blockchain technologies in the future.

Other blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, hyperledger, corda, quorum, monax etc, do they have similar concept of stream? Anyone knows if there's any equivalent in other platforms? If not, how could user/players using different technologies to solve similar problem collaborate or interoperate in the future?
asked Nov 29, 2017 by Wendy

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To start with, interoperability between blockchain is possible to some extent. For example, the smart-contracts of Ethereum do work on Monax.

From what I know, stream concept of multichain is just a data retrieval mechanism. You can store data on all the platforms you mentioned but they are not optimised. For example, it takes 10ms to read data value of a key in a stream in multichain. If you do the same with monax(now part of hyperledger), you need 1000ms.

Stream concept is unique to multichain but its data storing aspect is not new. In future if you want to make communication between 2 different blockchains, e.g., Monax and Multichain, you need to develop a secure bridge which is counter intuitive to blockchain's core concept of decentralisation.

However, if you are more interested in blockchain as a database, you can look at
This project is a like a database with added features of a blockchain and not a pure blockchain.
answered Nov 29, 2017 by Varun
Would you mind giving an example, in Ethereum/Monax, how to store a table or a list of key value pair inside the blockchain? With multichain I can store the table content or key value pair in the stream. What's the equivalent in Ethereum?