Cannot use standard commands in offline mode

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I want to start MultiChain in offline mode due to security reasons (not accidentally connecting or syncing data).

Unfortunately it is not possible to use standard commands here.

e.g. "liststreams" returns:

error code: -702
error message:
Method not available with -offline runtime parameter


Why is this not possible?

MC Version: 2.0.2
asked Apr 23, 2023 by Alexoid

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The -offline parameter causes multichaind to work like multichaind-cold, restricting all access to global chain state, including stream subscriptions.

Instead, you should be able to achieve what you want by running MultiChain with these parameters:

-listen=0 -gen=0 -addnodeonly

The first two parameters are documented, and the undocumented addnodeonly parameter causes the node to not initiate any outgoing peer connections unless explicitly requested by the addnode command.

answered Apr 24, 2023 by MultiChain
selected Apr 24, 2023 by Alexoid