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Dear sir,

  I read the Grant command on the websit today. 

  Like this:

Section 2. Connecting to a blockchain

Back on the first server, add connection permissions for this address:

multichain-cli chain1 grant 1... connect


Section 6. Streams

Now we want the second server to be allowed to publish to the stream. On the first server:

grant 1... receive,send
grant 1... stream1.write


We know that every node of a blockchain has all the information , If there are 3 nodes-node A, B, C, and  node A has a stream and node B, C subscribed it, now I publish an item to the stream of node A, then node B,C will know and the space of node B, C (the size of ./multichain/ of node B, C)will increase a littile , If I publish 1 Billion items to node A, the node A, B, C will increase a huge and same amount of space.

So,  if I dont't grant receive permission to node B, C , can node B, C don't increase their space when I publish items to node A ?

All I want is when I publish 1 Billions items to node A, node B, C which subscribed the stream of node A can save some space, otherwise I need to prepare 1 big disk each, total 3 big disk, that too expensive to buy.

asked Nov 20, 2017 by Leon Wang

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I'm afraid global receive permissions on the blockchain are not related to which nodes actually retrieve the items in a stream. Those nodes which are not subscribed to the stream will use less disk space for it, because they will not be indexing its contents, however they will still be keeping a raw copy of the stream items on their own disks as part of the chain. We are working on some interesting solutions in this area, but that's how MultiChain works for now.

answered Nov 21, 2017 by MultiChain