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Hi team, 

From the documentation and data available on the internet I can vaguely put the size is the number of transactions not being confirmed yet on the blockchain. Which makes sense as it grows when I put load and gradually decreases again. What is confusing me is the bytes field, what does this mean? The bitcoin-cli answer didn't satisfy me. And why doesn't it decrease again? With the below reading is my node endangered to go out of memory.  I 'm running mutichain on a 1 GB node. 


    "size" : 1,
    "bytes" : 14819





asked Nov 17, 2017 by ashish235

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The size value shows the number of transactions, and bytes shows their total size in bytes.

answered Nov 17, 2017 by MultiChain
Thanks for the reply, still I couldn't get whom "their" is referring to? If it is the transactions, in my case the size is 1 and bytes is 14819. My one transaction can't take up that much memory. Or is it for all the transactions which has happened so far, but in that case it should be in some Gb(s).
Yes, bytes should be the total size of the mempool transactions. If you use getrawmempool you can see the txids of the transaction in there, and then take a look.