About multichain administrator attack

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      If we use administrator to give permission to all other nodes in blockchain, then it would be a kind of centralized system. And if the administrator is attacked/ hacked or controlled by the attacker then there will be a single point of failure as in case of centralized system. How can we handle this problem in multichain? In "https://www.multichain.com/developers/permissions-management/" at section "Permissions consensus"; it states that "Depending on the blockchain parameters, a single administrator may not be able to grant or revoke adminactivatemineissue or create permissions on their own. Instead, a number of administrators are required to agree on the same change, and only then is it applied. This ensures that a single rogue administrator is not able to unilaterally decide who has the right to perform the blockchain‚Äôs most critical tasks....."


Does this mean we need to have multiple administrators in a single chain of multichain? or there will me multiple administrator in a single blockchain. 

My goal is to have multiple parallel blockchain with each blockchain in each province of the country for example. 

Can you please clarify on this issue? Than you.

asked Nov 14, 2017 by rakez

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This is really a question of how you want to manage governance of your blockchain, and it will depend on your business requirements. In some cases it is OK to have a single central administrator, because all the participants are willing to trust that administrator with overall chain management, even if they wouldn't want to trust that administrator to run a centralized database on their behalf. In other cases it makes sense to have multiple administrators, with the consensus rules controlling how many have to agree on something before it takes place.
answered Nov 15, 2017 by MultiChain