Delivery-versus-payment transactions

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The new steps for DvP as between Sam and Mary in the MC example:

a) Counterparty Sam blocks 5 bonds of MSFT and gets a code

b) Sam gives a quote of 5 bonds of MSFT for USD 50 for 5 bonds using above code

c) Then counterparty Mary then blocks USD 50 and gets a code

d) Then Mary locks the complete txn by using Sam's offer code and her code for her assets

e) The entire txn is then confirmed on the blockchain.


How is Mary expected to get Sam's offer code? Is there a way to register for such offer notifications?

Can Sam initiate this offer exclusively for a counterparty e.g. Mary?


This appears more like a trade and less of DvP settlement. Can you explain your line of thought? It doesn't look like a settlement where two parties are just agreeing on trade terms.
asked Aug 27, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

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The method of transmitting the partial transaction (or "offer code" as you call it) is up to you, and not currently on-chain. It could be sent directly from party to party (by email or whatever) to make the offer exclusive to a counterparty. Or it could be placed in some location viewable to any user of the blockchain.
answered Aug 27, 2015 by MultiChain