Cause of Message "VerifyBlockMiner: Could not load block 0044..... (height xx) from disk"

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We spotted this in the logs of one of our nodes and couldn't find any information out what the message means or root cause.  

Do you have any information on what might cause this and what see should be looking for?




asked Nov 9, 2017 by marty

1 Answer

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This message can appear in the log in two cases, depending on log message immediately after it:

1. "VerifyBlockMiner: Block 00... (height yy) miner verification skipped"

Your node received block out of order and it doesn't see one of the blocks before it.

It is normal situation, though it should appear rarely if the network load is not very high. The situation will be automatically resolved when the node receives that missing block.

2. "VerifyBlockMiner: Block 00... (height yy) miner verification failed"

This may happens when block on height yy is expected to be on the disk. In this case it is result of some disk failure or bug.

In this situation, it is likely your chain will be stuck (unless disk failure was resolved somehow).

If this is a case we would like to see 10 rows before and 30 rows after this message
answered Nov 10, 2017 by Michael
Thanks Michael

I'm afraid the node got cleared down and reset.  If I see the message again I'll grab  all the logs!!