Create Exchange for Asset with Specific Value / Metadata

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Good evening, I want to achieve having object-like assets which can have multiple attributes. Furthermore I would like to utilize that to create exchanges which require an asset which a specific attribute value, or it should be greater or smaller etc.

I thought of adding metadata to each issue of an asset, but I cant seem to find a way to add metadata to an exchange to match things on the application level.

You recommend that we should issue variations of an asset as separate assets, like "Name 299 12" and "Name 555 88", however you cant create exchanges for lets say 77Units for Asset with "Name (Value greater than 300) (Any)".


Any other recommendations?

Should I use another blockchain?

Is Etherium suited for that kind of application ?
asked Oct 4, 2017 by Nu47

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Indeed, the MultiChain model of creating exchange offers requires the asset on the other side to be specified. It is possible to create many exchange offers in parallel, to represent each of the possible counterparty assets, but I don't know whether that's practically viable considering how many options there could be in your case. So you may indeed want to look into a platform like Ethereum which allows any kind of transaction logic to be imposed.
answered Oct 5, 2017 by MultiChain
You could also rethink implementing smart contracts. I know you mentioned it many many times that:
1. Peoples expectations are too high, not understanding smart contracts.
2. Simple Assets and Streams would suffice in most use cases.

However some people , maybe 10% of devs, maybe 5%, can't get around without a contract system. I looked at ethereum and quorum, however they dont have permission management like you do.
Yes, we accept that there are a small number of blockchain use cases that require "smart contracts" (really, general purpose computation on the blockchain), and we hope to eventually implemented them. They're just not a top priority.