Multiple Nodes for a single Org

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My question is a hypothetical, lets say in a banking world if blockchain is implemented.

There are 4 banks and Bank 1 creates a blockchain and Bank 2,3,4 participate and connect to the created blockchain and permissions of admin or others are provided as needed.

Few years down the road the number of transactions have grown and with multiple requests the banks feel that they may need to add one more node for each of the banks to better manage the traffic.

What I am wondering is if new node is added, it will act as a new entity and it cannot transact for addresses created on node 1.

Can you please help me understand how banks can better manage increase in traffic?
asked Oct 1, 2017 by Syed

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First, adding more nodes in a blockchain does not help with the increased traffic, because every node processes every transaction.

Nonetheless, it is possible to share addresses and private keys between nodes quite easily, using the dumpprivkey and importprivkey API commands.

answered Oct 1, 2017 by MultiChain