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We love the simplicity of Multichain and using it has been exciting.

However we've ran into a problem. We are building a blockchain on a cloud. It works perfectly fine internally but when we try to connect to the blockchain via the Floating IP it fails to connect to the blockchain because it cannot find the address even though the host is visible.

My question is if there is a way to setup the blockhain with the IP of our choice so the nodeaddress can be exposed externally?

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asked Jan 7, 2016 by anonymous

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MultiChain should accept incoming peer-to-peer connections on all IP addresses which belong to that host, whether they match the displayed nodeaddress or not. Please check you are using the right port number for connecting.

However if you're having a problem connecting to the API, then you need to look at the rpcallowip setting in the runtime parameters.

answered Jan 7, 2016 by MultiChain
Apologies for the late reply. From what I got after some more analysis it is an OpenStack (cloud platform) problem where the floating IP (the one used to access the vm externally) is not pointing directly to the VM but to an OpenStack interface which wraps the network call internally.

Does that mean it is picking all IP addresses from the drivers available to the vm e.g. ifconfig's output.
It binds to all IP addresses available on the system, so yes this should match ifconfig's output.
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You cannot change the external IP of the node, it will just bind to whatever the actual current WAN IP of your server is.

What you can do, which is what I am doing with two different nodes, is attach a domain name to your host such as Digital Ocean, and create two A Records. One for each of your nodes external IP.

My setup:

us-east. points to nodes WAN IP

us-west. points to nodes WAN IP

Hope that helps.

Edit #1: Just saw floating IP. Have not used it yet but it should be doable with the example above to do the following:

us-west. points to Floating IP

WAN IP points to Floating IP.
answered Jan 7, 2016 by mreichardt