Issue asset and send asset

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I would like to create a new address and issue an asset on instance 1 and would like to do send asset(to burn address) from instance 2.

I have the new address imported on multichain instance 2. But when i do send asset i see an error like no available unspent coins"

please guide me on this.


Mudassir Syed
asked Sep 21, 2017 by Syed

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You should probably take a look at Multichain's getting started page.
Basically, you need to first create an asset:

issue myaddress myasset 1000 0.01

With myaddress being the address on which you want to issue the funds, myasset being the name of the asset you want to create, 1000 being the quantity and 0.01 being the smallest unit you can have of this asset.

Then on the instance which has this first address, you can use sendasset :

sendasset secondAddress myasset 100

Hope this helps !

answered Sep 22, 2017 by Bric3d
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