Any way to query the underlying data from another perspective just like querying a key-value database

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We know that the underlying database for bitcoin to store the data is Leveldb from google ,and multichain is just a fork from bitcoin ,so does that means the underlying storage for multichain is also Leveldb ?

If that's true , do we have another way to query the data from multichain just like querying data from the transnational db like levedDB using sql or something else,since leveldb is a key-value db just like redis or memcache and so on ...

currently i can query the data with rpc call from java code based on the sdk ...

as i know there is another open source git project named leveldbjni which gives a Java interface to the LevelDB C++ library
asked Sep 19, 2017 by Leo-LL

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There's no way to currently query MultiChain's internal databases directly and we're unlikely to provide this because it would mean we can't migrate to a better internal database engine in future. Of course you are however welcome to tinker with MultiChain's source code to create a direct access interface for yourself.
answered Sep 20, 2017 by MultiChain