Multichain: params.dat - Estimated amount of mining coins at a defined time

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I have a problem.

We have specified parameters in the params.dat file.

Especially here is a sections: "Native blockchain currency" and "Advanced mining parameters".

Is there any way to calculate that a eg. 100-day blockchain generates a certain amount of coins?

We assume that at all times (no breaks) the miner is one node (there are no other nodes with mining rights).

Are there any formula?





We know the initial difficulty of the network (pow-minimum-bits).

In the bitcoin network, the block excavation time can be calculated as follows:

Block mining time = (difficult * 2 ^ 32) / hashrate

Can this formula apply to multichain?

With difficulty 6e-08 mining block time is about 21 seconds.

So you can calculate the hashrate from the above formula (declaring it to be the same as bitcoin).

The hashrate of one multichain node is about 12.11.

From this it is possible to calculate the time of generating successive blocks.

Is my approach correct?
asked Sep 16, 2017 by Lukasz
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Initially (until a reward halving) the number of coins generated in a day is given by:

(86400 / target-block-time) * (initial-block-reward / native-currency-multiple)

All variables here are taken from the blockchain's parameters.

answered Sep 18, 2017 by MultiChain
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