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I am trying to make API call using C#. I am not getting as to which url i should point to make API calls. Also it would be good if you can help me out as to how to make a call with an example. I have already tried it using Process.Start but i don't think it  is a good practice to do so by running the process locally. Could you suggest a better alternative ?

Thank You !
asked Aug 25, 2017 by kishanvikani

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You might want to start by looking at the code for this (third party) C# library built for MultiChain:

answered Aug 25, 2017 by MultiChain
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We have added our wrapper to github. Its slowly being built, but a fair amount is already working..

Runs in Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition, with unit test project showing all the existing calls.

answered Aug 28, 2017 by MaSsv