Multichain vs Openchain

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Hello Multichain Team,

I read that in open-chain, instead of forming a block of the transaction and then appending that block to blockchain, open-chain directly appends transaction to blockchain without forming the block. Effectively it is transaction chain.

So, this makes the open-chain superfast in confirmation of the transaction. But given the structure of how blockchain works, I think that it's a normal blockchain whose block contains only one transaction (I am not sure, but we have to include somewhere the hash, etc so a block must be formed)

So, My question is does really making only one transaction per block speeds up the blockchain? Is this Openchain better in performance when compared to multichain?
asked Aug 23, 2017 by Varun

1 Answer

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We're not experts in OpenChain, but based on what we've read, it does indeed create a chain of individual transactions. You can consider this the equivalent of blocks with individual transactions, but there is less overhead because there is no bock header. This type of mechanism does create very fast confirmations, but it only works in a model with fully centralized validation, and MultiChain offers much greater flexibility by design.
answered Aug 23, 2017 by MultiChain