MultiChain-explorer no name Asset

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I get this error within multichain-explorer

Exception at 117484
Failed to catch up {'blkfile_offset': 116912, 'blkfile_number': 100000, 'chain_id': 1, 'loader': u'default', 'conf': None, 'dirname': u'/home/abc/.multichain/chain10', 'id': 1}
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "Mce/", line 2896, in catch_up
  File "Mce/", line 3208, in catch_up_dir
    store.import_blkdat(dircfg, ds, blkfile['name'])
  File "Mce/", line 3340, in import_blkdat
    store.import_block(b, chain = chain)
  File "Mce/", line 1199, in import_block
    tx['tx_id'] = store.import_and_commit_tx(tx, pos == 0, chain)
  File "Mce/", line 2214, in import_and_commit_tx
    tx_id = store.import_tx(tx, is_coinbase, chain)
  File "Mce/", line 2084, in import_tx
    """, (unicode(val['Asset Name'], 'latin-1'), val['Quantity Multiple'], tx_id))
KeyError: 'Asset Name'
Abe initialized.

I couldn't find anything here with this error, so I started debugging a bit the code. I reached the conclusion that one of my collegues issued an asset with no name.

I added a debug msg showing the content of val and it has no Asset Name

{'Quantity Multiple': 1, 'Open to follow-on issuance': False}

I thought is was our mistake, but then I found a question where you state that it is valid to issue Assets with no names.

So if I'm on the right track this seems like a bug. 

Now my explorer only shows me all the blocks until that no name asset was issued. In explorer is shows 250 blocks when we are at block number 283. And when I ask for listassets the  "assetref" : "251-301-36494"

Thanks in advance!





asked Aug 10, 2017 by eFe

1 Answer

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Thanks, this does look like a bug in the Explorer, which we'll fix in due course. For now please work around it by using some kind of dummy name for the asset. If you don't want to think too hard to create unique names, just try using the current unix time, or something like that.
answered Aug 10, 2017 by MultiChain
Ok. we are starting a new alpha blockchain. We will keep in mind not to create nameless assets so the explorer doesnt break itself :)
This has now been fixed.  Thanks for reporting the issue!