Fedora / Nginx / Ruby / Jekyll / Rails Devs ?

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I just signed up but I am a [Block|Multi]Chain newbie - I have started working my way through the tutorials which has been going well so far but I am wondering if there are any other devs here who also prefer working in the above environment and will have already solved some of the issues I will want to ask questions about . .
asked Aug 4, 2017 by philip_rhoades
I'm also interested in Ruby. Which tutorials have you found most helpful?
im interested in this also

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Well i like both environments :-)

I prefer Linux been though countless distros...

I know every version of Windows Soooo...

I like both environments. Depends on what I want to do :-)  Virtual Oracle boxs are nice. Vmware pretty easy.

Fedora is nice. Ruby on Rails :-)
that platform will work nicely.

I would like to see this thing running on Solaris if possible.
answered Oct 15, 2017 by muslimsoap