Multichain is not working properly on AWS

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I am trying to setup multichain on AWS (Amazon Web Service). After installing multichain and creating chain if I try to get the permissions of the wallet address getting "invalid permission" error.

API used is : listpermissions * address

Error :


error code: -5
error message:
Invalid permission
asked Aug 3, 2017 by amitsh

2 Answers

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Both of these ["*","1NYHbp1UbJn4CozTdvAr75iiBtHjJBb6NjZ1V3"]

Are being treated as a permission

you should have {["*"],["1NYHbp1UbJn4CozTdvAr75iiBtHjJBb6NjZ1V3"]}


you should have {"*","1NYHbp1UbJn4CozTdvAr75iiBtHjJBb6NjZ1V3"}


ie. The first parameter which can be an array of permissions is thinking that the permissions you want is * and the address, when in fact you want permission to be * and the address to be your address.


On the cli commandline -

You are doing this

multichain-cli chain listpermissions *,1BbFXaQNoZpEsZoEJonyZzpyW

instead of this (notice comma is now a space)

multichain-cli chain listpermissions * 1BbFXaQNoZpEsZoEJonyZzpyW
answered Aug 3, 2017 by MaSsv
I am using API in cli as follow,

multichain-cli chain listpermissions * 1BbFXaQNoZpEsZoEJonyZzpyW

for this am getting invalid permission. But if I use below command,

multichain-cli chain listpermissions

then it will lists all the permissions of all the addresses.
Are you running it from the same node?
Yes am executing from the same node.
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You can try using all instead of * to reference all permissions – this might be an issue if you're using an old version of MultiChain.

answered Aug 3, 2017 by MultiChain